VIEW DETAILS AusStage is committed to collecting and sharing information about Australian live performance as an ongoing, open-access and collaborative endeavour. This innovative project provides an accessible online resource for researching live performance in Australia, giving researchers and the public access to information about some of the ambitious and innovative live performances that have projected images of Australian culture to audiences here and overseas.

Chief Investigator: Jenny Fewster

Dancers (L-R): Ryan Pearson, Rikki Mason, Beau Dean Riley Smith, Tyrel Dulvarie and Baden Hitchcock, to make fire.
Photographer: Daniel Boud
The Australian Live Performance Database
VIEW DETAILS We are rapidly moving towards a post-print world. Australia’s literary and cultural record is shifting from hard to soft copy, but at this moment, we don’t fully understand the implications of digitising our cultural past. This project aims to investigate how reading and literature work in the post-print age, investigating forms of digitisation, which books, texts and objects are digitised, who can access them and how these changes influence our reading experiences.

Chief Investigator: Dr Tully Barnett
Digitisation and the immersive reading experience
VIEW DETAILS The economic impacts of Coronavirus and related shutdown measures have disproportionately impacted on both the arts and education sectors. However, as many of the world’s major film festivals and arts companies pivot to online exhibition and distribution modes, there is an opportunity to develop new and sustainable models of arts practice. This project explores the learning, opportunities and challenges that emerged as Flinders’ teaching staff and Honours students partnered with professional dancers from Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) to create short dance-based films on their own devices (mobile phones, laptops etc).

Chief Investigators:
Dr Nicholas Godfrey, Dr Sarah Peters
Making art in isolation
VIEW DETAILS ExpressWay Arts supports young creatives from the southern suburbs in developing their theatre and art making practices by equipping them with skills in acting, writing, devising, directing, filmmaking and more. ExpressWay Arts employs experienced professional artists to mentor the young ensemble. ExpressWay Arts’ latest project is LockDown, an investigation and exploration of violence in schools as experienced by members of ExpressWay Arts. The project is facilitated by Lead Artist, Dr Sarah Peters and will result in a Radio Play which will then be translated into live performance for Adelaide Fringe in 2021. Using practice-led methodologies Sarah is researching best practice pedagogy for participant-led youth arts projects.

Chief Investigator: Dr Sarah Peters
Lockdown -
ExpressWay Arts
VIEW DETAILS Laboratory Adelaide: The Value of Culture is a multi-stage, multi-partner project funded by two ARC Linkage grants to develop new knowledge about the problems of understanding, measuring and communicating culture’s value in different contexts, beyond the economic data, ticket sales and spill-over effects. In 2018, the team published What Matters? Talking Value in Australian Culture (Monash University Publishing). We have published articles in Cultural Trends, The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, International Journal of Event and Festival Management, Media International Australia, Griffith Review, Australian Art Education, as well as numerous articles in The Conversation.

Chief Investigators: Dr Tully Barnett,
Professor Richard Maltby, Professor Julian Meyrick
Laboratory Adelaide:
The Value of Culture
VIEW DETAILS The Unbound Collective brings together years of research in a performance that moves through spaces that have historically seen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians excluded and reduced to tell untold chapters of Australia’s true history.

The Collective is Ali Gumillya Baker, Simone Ulalka Tur, Faye Rosas Blanch and Natalie Harkin. Ali Gumillya Baker shifts the colonial gaze through film, performance, projection, and grandmother-stories. Simone Ulalka Tur’s performance and poetics enact an intergenerational transmission of story-work through education. Faye Rosas Blanch engages rap theory to embody sovereignty and shedding of the colonial skin. Natalie Harkin's archival-poetics is informed by blood-memory, haunting and grandmother-stories.
The Unbound Collective
VIEW DETAILS Alex, Amy and Sean are professional writers who also lecture full-time at Flinders University, South Australia. They’ve joined forces to cover topics of interest to new writers in a lively, conversational style that frequently segues to areas far from where they started. If you’ve ever wondered what writers talk about beyond the lecture theatre or festival circuit, here’s your chance to find out.

Investigators: Dr. Amy Matthews Dr. Alex Vickery-Howe Dr. Sean Williams
Word Docs (Podcast)