VIEW DETAILS Motion Capture has revolutionised the way we bring human movement into digital animations. But does the immersive quality of MoCap help us better express the creative potential of human performance, or do we risk performers being reduced to tools of the software itself? This research project examines the relationship between sophisticated software and the humanity that brings it to life.

Chief Investigator: Peter O’Brien
Emotional Creatures
or Warm Props?
Identifying the Critical Importance of the Human Performance Component in Real-Time Digital Animation Productions
VIEW DETAILS We live in an age of rapid digital transformation, and the question of how we keep local content alive on the small screen is at the heart of this project, highlighted by an intensely local observational documentary produced for ABC TV, following joint Adelaide Festival Artistic Directors, Rachel Healy and Neil Armfield as they scour the globe for the 2020 festival in its all-important 60th year.

Chief Investigator: Richard Jasek
Getting Their Acts Together
(Adelaide Festival Documentary)
VIEW DETAILS The Philippines Mountain Province commemorates its founding with the Lang-ay Festival, a cultural event derived from the indigenous practice called lang-ay, which has several meanings, such as dining at your neighbor's house, sharing of food or tapey (rice wine), and inviting someone you don’t know to eat or drink coffee at your house. This project aims to identify and analyse the different cultural performances and activities where the concept of nation and community is being performed by the different ethnolinguistic groups of Mountain Province during the Lang-ay Festival.

Chief Investigator: Roger Federico
Performing Community at the Lang-ay Festival of Cordillera Administrative Region: Theatre in the Nation, the Nation in the Theatre
VIEW DETAILS How does the border metaphor in eco-documentaries reflect our wider sense of place in the planet? This creative, practice-led research will look at relationships between humans and nature from the perspective of nature-culture borders as sites of inclusion, exclusion and fragmentation, and ecological restoration.

Chief Investigator: Wendy Fowler
Bordering Nature: Exploring documentary metaphors for the Anthropocene